Saturday, November 1, 2008

Reflecting on some things....

So here I am.... I know you all missed's been a minute and I apologize once again. Getting Pascal (see last post), moving into my brand new house and living with my boyfriend......there has been a lot of transition, change, chaos, and time consuming would think that with all this going on there would be plenty of time for introspective reflection and blogging.....alas the answer is no.... So let me drop these nuggets of my life on you now:

1. Buying a house is hard and fun all at the same time!
The whole mortgage, financing, loan application, pushing back of closing date.....not fun. In fact it is stressful and I am happy that part is way over! Now, picking out paint, moulding, new appliances, and watching your boyfriend build you a custom window seat with shelves.....yea! Fun times....I could not have done it without him and I am so greatful for his support and creativity. Today, the house is amazing and I am happy to share it with my dog and man. I look around and I think, "Dam!! I own this!! All of it!!!" I never thought that before I turned 30 I would be the owner of a house! I think it is more house than I need, but there is plenty of space for family and friends to come's all worth it! I think Pascal likes it too! :)

2. So did I mention that I live with my boyfriend?
Ummmm yea....after 4 months of serious dating we decided that it would be economically realistic to I know some of you are thinking, "Michelle has lost her mind!" I swear to you I have not lost my marbles. In fact I have never been more clear in my life. When God gives you exactly what you have asked him for you thank him and embrace the gift with both arms. James is my gift.....and I am thankful. Now things aren't perfect....I don't know if any relationship is.....we come from 2 different walks of life and experiences, we have different views, and we see and trust the world very differently. But at the end of the day he loves me....flaws and all....and with him I feel safe, protected, and loved......I just got mushy on ya'll :). I'll stop get the point!

3. Work has been ridiculous!
Clearly, some of my students have lost their minds and me and the Office of Student Conduct have become good friends....Hazing cases, alcohol violations, being bombarded with expansion request.....let's just say I have been busy! As I try to find my stride as a mid level professional and be the best administrator I can be, I am trying not to stumble and make too many mistakes. Having people report to you and reporting to someone else is a difficult balance. At the same time I am committed to work/life balance and leaving work at appropriate times, getting through my to do list, and not taking tons of work home. The hardest part is juggling all the personalities and politics....ahhhh personalities and politics....that's a blog waiting to happen! Being a professional is an all the time, work in progress for me...just when I think I have throws me a curve ball.....don't worry I always end up hitting it out of the park!
4. Medical Issues kinda suck
So my "woman doctor" has diagnosed me with uterine fibroids...YAY!!! BIG FUN!!!! Supposedly I have two of them...the size of an orange and grapefruit. I had to go for a sonogram to see what we were dealing was pretty surreal being in a room that is usually filled with joy and surprise: It's A Boy! It's A Girl!! You're having TWINS!!!....but my news was a little different...."you've got two...they gotta come out....your uterus is the same size as a 3 month pregnant will be in the hospital overnight" Needless to say I am not looking forward to my surgery on December 11 and the 4-6 week recovery period.....I don't make a very good invalid and the doctor said getting around after my surgery will be difficult....SO FUN! :( We will see how it goes...I'm optimistic and thank GOD for that good state health insurance!

So that is what has consumed my world. So why am I blogging now? What has inspired me to pick up my blackberry at 8:30am on a Saturday and put thought to screen? Glad you asked!

I'm doing my part in history. I am waiting for the polls to open on the last day of early voting to cast my vote for CHANGE! Life has been so crazy that I haven't jumped on the early voting train earlier! I'm afraid of what polls may look like on Nov 4 so today I wait in line to cast my very important and significant ballot. There are at least 200 people out here.....some brought their kids, some just coffee.....all engaging in conversation about this and that, sports scores and of course this election......I see young people and older people out here.....most are of the brown hue which is nice to see.....

I'll be honest.....I want Barack to win (FYI...the picture above was taken by me when I met Senator Obama last year at George Mason University).....but I will be super elated to see the red state of NC turn a beautiful shade of BLUE!!! Won't that be nice! I am hopeful for CHANGE and I pray that God watches over this election and over the Obama family....this election has brought out the worst in people on both sides.....and I am reminded that people are still racist and crazy......I pray for understanding, truth, and peace.....pray with me ok..... are you my adoring fans? Ya'll still with me? I promise to be more consistent with my blogging....I swear!!!! Sometimes I just need a push!!! Feel free to give me some....

Get at me....