Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mental Health Holiday

So this week I was forced by my boss to take a vacation....a week long vacation. I know some of you are thinking, "Damn I wish my boss would tell me I need a vacation and actually make me take one!" Yea lucky me....but I had been working non-stop since before the summer started and i think everyone could tell that i was feeling run down and probably 2 seconds away from kirking out on a student or somebody else. The summer was a rough one...the woman I supervised got arrested for embezzlement...yea i don't wanna get into it..yes sthe initial story is linked above...just know it was stressful, she took ALOT of money from students, and it's still pending. I never really dealt with my break-up from James and his infrequent text messages and driving me know the sob story, "I miss you, I love you, let me spend the rest of my life making it up to you...blah, blah, blah." Like I said, driving me crazy, I don't respond. I have done what I have always done during life crisises...I have BURIED myself in work.....and now I have been banished to deal with it or re-center my chi..or what ever comes first.....So a week of laying on my couch it is.
Now most of you know that I am too type A to actually relax and take a break from work. I am a self proclaimed work-a-holic and if I am not on some sandy beach in Aruba with a frosty drink in my hand, I really can't turn off the work light and just chill. Some people have that gift. I do not. My boss told me to go book a plane ticket and go see my niece (who I have not seen since the 3rd day of her life in June). But swine flu has me paranoid and my own hypochondriacism talked me out of going to see her for fear of getting her sick....I'm sure i will regret that decision some day. So what did I do all week you ask? Not much.....

What is the hype all about I asked myself. They won some Emmy's and they were on Oprah this week so I said, "Self, let's go rent the entire first two seasons from Blockbuster and watch it all in 3 days." I did just that! It's a good show, lots of drama and dialogue....not action per se. But I like a good dark, intense drama and I would say I am a fan. Not running out to get AMC from my cable provider, but I will download the episodes online and watch season 3. I am fascinated by the fact that it takes place in Manhattan/NY in the 60's. Thy dynamics of the show are very interesting: smoking all day, drinking all day, infidelity, self value, family life and product placement. It has kept me interested and has helped me pass the time.

2. I cleaned...
Well ok, so the house cleaning service came and cleaned the house from top to bottom. But I did laundry and dishes and stuff...that has to count. Before you go and judge me I don't get my house cleaned every week...more like every 6-8 weeks for a good cleaning. I think it's worth it and it make me feel like I live in a brand new house all over again. It also forces me to pick stuff up from the floors and hang up my clothes before the cleanser come....hey...whatever motivates right!

3. Pascal
What blog is complete without a shout out to Pascal??? He is awesome and cute and I cut his bangs this week. I think I have disrupted his daily sleeping schedule....all he does is SLEEP all day, between walks and eating...he sleeps. We walk least 4-5 20minute walks every day. I like to watch him as he has puppy dreams...i'm sure he's dreaming of tearing apart a box of Kleenex or chasing geese....either way it is peaceful and I love him so much and can not imagine my life without him.

4. I did errands
Dropped and picked up dry cleaning, got gas in the car, filled prescriptions, shopped for items to fill the fridge and pantry, stopped at work to sign off on stuff (trust me it was for legit reasons). Nothing was pressing and errands were are good excuse to actually get out of my pj's, wash my ass, and get out of the house for a little bit.

5. I detoxed
No I am not an alcoholic or drug user....but I spent a good part of the summer eating and drinking my emotions. So this week I ate better and healthier meals like I used to, drank ALOT of water (and my skin thanks me for it!) and tried to get more exercise and sleep. You don't realize how much your body misses good home-cooked meals, water and exercise until you don't do those things on a regular basis. It felt good and hopefully this is the first step to being the relatively healthy and fit person I used to be! We will see.....

All in all I am glad I took the week off. My boss was right....I was tired and I did need a break. Now even though I still checked and answered some work email and answered my phone from my admin and grad assistants....I feel good about the time I took off and I am committed to stop having my summer long pity party and getting back to being me. Work will always be their and students will always have issues....but I can control what i drag myself into and when it is time to go home and relax. So here's to my Mental Health Holiday...may I find that is gives me back my life and shows me that I am the #1 player in this thing called life....I should try living it...:)

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